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With the idea of "LIFE FULL OF DESIGN", R.F.YAMAKAWA offers you products which originated from the collaboration of Asian and European designs. Through our combination of design and functionality that will add beauty and color to every living area, we want people around the world to enjoy our products by simply using them. We would like to see our products enriching your daily life at the office or at home.

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  • Please kindly note our Tokyo office will move to the following address as of May 16, 2016.

    [New address] Kawagure Bldg. 2nd Floor, 1-14-18, Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0043, Japan
    [New Tel Number] +81 (0)3-6280-3001
    [New Fax Number] +81 (0)3-6280-3003